Digitech Group is a publisher and integrator of dematerialization software. Its offer covers a wide range of solutions meeting organizations needs and support them in their digital transformation: electronic document management, mobility, hosting, services such as assistance with project management or change management, integration information systems, interoperability, etc.

The set of software addresses the core-business of electronic management for local autorities laws, mails management, civil status documents processing, census (defense and citizenship), and all types of administrative and business documents (HR, contracts, reports, etc.).

The objective of the Digitech group is to provide each interlocutor, each department with a tool which, by increasing the quality and relevance of the data processed, will enhance their mission as well as their management.

Our teams know how to listen to you, analyze your needs to be proactive and optimize the implementation of your projects. Our products, customized and based on most recent technologies, will be able to evolve at the same time as your organization.

By integrating our solutions, regarding our recognized know-how and sustained support, we want to enhance innovation at the service of our customers, in order to enable them to focus their actions on their core business and offer users a service with greater added value.

Discover all Digitech Group solutions offered by its subsidiaries intended to meet requirements of all kinds of organizations, public or private, local, national or international.