Digitech Group is committed to integrating into its activities and its interactions ecosystem practices aimed at reducing its impact on the environment and contributing to the well-being of its employees. Various actions have therefore been undertaken and continue to be deployed to include Digitech Group in a sustainable development project:


  • Signatory of the Planet Tech'Care manifesto (reduction of environmental impact)
  • Choice of a green energy supplier (for local and renewable energy)
  • Limitation of employee travel
  • Reduction of waste and paper consumption
  • Limitation of energy consumption

Employees Well-being

  • Attention paid to compliance with health and safety rules, as well as ergonomic workstations
  • Sports and other equipment for well-being
  • Teleworking
  • Attentive to gender equality
  • Signatory of the diversity charter En savoir plus
  • Label Empl’itude commitment (communication and reintegration actions) En savoir plus
  • Liberated Company Project: see the SIDERAL project
  • Participatory governance (employees taking part in the company)
  • Respect for work/life balance

Societal, economic and ethical practices :

  • Responsible purchasing (environment, social ethics, quality of products and services)
  • Participation in local economic development
  • Electric company vehicle
  • Redistribution of “replaced/used” computers and mobile phones